GenesisPublicKey in /conf/data/genesisParameters.json

This public key for the genesis block, is it the public key of "the" (assuming you specify one) new wallet adress specified in the newAccounts.json file in /docs/config, which say, received all the 900 million? Where does this genesisPublicKey come from?

I cannot find this new account's public key... this is my "main "problem now...

I think I realise after the JPLSnapshot is downloaded it will create the genesisAccounts.json's contents and probably also the genesisPublicKey (I hope I understand correctly). But I cannot because I cannot find my new address's public key, I am not sure where to find it...

Instead of saying "welcome to your new account" (with public key button underneath it above account balance), I am receiving this error message:

org.h2.jdbc.JdbcSQLNonTransientException: General error: "General error: ""java.lang.IllegalStateException: Unable to read the page at position 43930987201023696 [1.4.200/6]"" [50000-200]"; SQL statement: ROLLBACK [50000-200]

However maybe you can answer the more mundane questions in this post. I think I will start from scratch again tomorrow to see what I have neglected. Practice makes perfect... Because, I succeeded with this in February but lost my notes and am not so clear minded any more...

When I try and JPLSnapshot addon, it requests an admin password for the account, is this password set in with this line, I assume it is correct:

nxt.adminPassword= this line?

is this password also for sending messages etc. on NXT blockchain's messaging option?

How will users set this password within the API who do not have access to a backend?


What was it?

good question. I do not remember because it was late at night the previous day and I could not resolve the error. When I compiled again the next day (last night) I managed to obtain the public key. I still am not sure what is wrong with the other install which gave the error message (I've been suffering from lack of sleep but am getting more clear minded... I also would like to know what caused the
"org.h2.jdbc.JdbcSQLNonTransientException: General error: "General error: ""java.lang.IllegalStateException: Unable to read the page at position 43930987201023696 [1.4.200/6]"" [50000-200]"; SQL statement: ROLLBACK [50000-200]" error.

My problem is I do not know which page this error is referring to, so cannot really find the answer.

That's an internal database error. It could be some database corruption from a failed run. Unless you can reproduce it I won't worry too much about it.

Thank you. I wonder if maybe it is because I created newAccounts.json twice, I am not sure if that may be the problem, although I overwrote the previous accounts file... That is all I can think of but it is only a guess, I was not very clear minded then! Thank you, I don't think I will worry about reproducing it! I prefer not to produce errors though they are useful for learning...