forge nxt

I installed nxt wallet and deposit more thant 1000 nxt and created public key and spent 1 nxt but "not forging" mesaage is hidden, it's appear and disappear!!
I tested nxt wallet on windows 10 and windows 7 but the same problem.

If you have successfully downloaded and synchronized the database you have to wait 1440 blocks to be able to forge.
Click on "not forging"
A window will open that says "Confirm Forging Start"
Enter your "Passphrase"
Click on "Start Forging"

To deactivate
Click on "Forging"
A window will open that says "Confirm Forging Stop"
Enter your "Passphrase"
Click on "Stop Forging"

That's all

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"not forging" mesaage appear and disappear!! it's hidden!!

If you've done everything correctly there shouldn't be any problems.
Could you please list what you did?
Is the blockchain synchronized?
Did you wait 1440 blocks?
Once you have inserted the NXTs you should wait around 24 hours, the amount of coins must remain the same and if you move coins you will have to wait for 1440 blocks again.
If it is above 1000 NXT the node is updated.
If you don't hit 1000 NXT you shouldn't be able to forge.

You can also try to log in with your Passphrase here: NXT Wallet
Start forging as I explained in the previous message and see if the problem recurs.

See below right?
Your node is still synchronizing.
Now I don't remember how long it takes but it could take a few days.
The knot clearly says you are at around 50%, so this should take around 3-4 days.
If the node is not fully synchronized you cannot forge.
From what I see the nondo is doing as it should.
Let me know how she is doing or if you have any other problems.


Ok sir, thank you so much for your help :+1: