Forbid asset increase

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Is it possible to issue an asset (ordinary not singleton) with a setting that forbids the issuer to increase the amount of assets in the future?

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Two options:

  1. Create an asset with the maximum quantity already distributed which means 1 Billion shares with 8 decimals.
  2. Create a singleton asset.
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So that should apply also for assets issued without decimals. I guess @apenzl just tested that.
One note about the singleton assets.
We noticed with @sergi that if the description of a singleton asset is over 160 character then the cost of the asset becomes the one of a regular asset.
But if I remember correctly, if the description is longer than 160 characters and therefore it's not classified as singleton, I cannot increase the shares.
So maybe that needs to be reviewed in the code.
I think it would be nice to keep the singleton cost low also for descriptions over 160 characters.