final String ACCOUNT_PREFIX = "etc"; compiles, but says "undefined"

public static final String ACCOUNT_PREFIX = "etc";
I am using this in the file however it does compile,
when I remove "" it says symbol not found. Hwoever when it does compile,
in the wallet login GUI I get undefined-RS-string...
undefined-NZVZ-83S9-V88T-484M4 at the login page, and
NXT-NZVZ-83S9-V88T-484M4 inside the wallet API, even though I have changed this value in the Constants file.
Why is this happening, have new project names been deprecated in 1.12.3? I am just curious why this error is showing?

Is there a specific Java library this feature relies on?
Because I am running the blockchain in docker with only the following dependencies, and I am syncing to the NXT blockchain 100%, however these new prefixes do "compile" yet display as undefined. It also causes the keyphrase not to work inside the GUI, but it does during login :

FROM phusion/baseimage:0.9.21
FROM openjdk:11.0.5-jdk-slim

Yes I just retested this, the passphrase works on the login screen,
but when I use the passphrase inside the API to get the public key,
it does not work and says wrong / incorrect passphrase.

Other than this, it is actually syncing to the blockchain and loading blocks to the downloaded db in nxt_db...

there must be some missing library something specific, I have no idea..?
it says it is invalid.

This in the context that the prefix to the RS is undefined, even though it is compiled with new prefixes in the file.

So I am assuming there is some type of dependency broken...