file permissions - recursively set 755

I hope this is ok, I've set the file permissions but I am sure this will cause problems, but I could
not manage to get things running earlier... This is for the Nxt clone...

It's unusual to have to change file permissions on a standard installation, but if you've managed to make it work then it should be ok.

I would suggest, though, to check those permission to prevent any other process to read your files (the last 5) so maybe 750 would be better. Just make sure the owner of the files is the same as the user you start the node/process.

Hi thank you.

Also I am trying to change the name of my currency of course, say to XXX from Nxt.

I am assuming I am making the right decision to doing this prior to running ./ ?

I tried this:

find . -type f -exec sed -i 's/Nxt/Hex/g' {} +
find . -type f -exec sed -i 's/nxt/hex/g' {} +

find . -type d -exec rename 's/Clone//' {} ;
find . -type f -exec rename 's/Clone//' {} ;
find . -type f -exec sed -i 's/NxtClone//g' {} +

to change the name and also get rid of the term Clone anywhere in the instance,
however it was a big distaster.

I will try your advice tomorrow and take a gander at all the java files, I am assuming the javascript
files are all also in the /src/java dir. Also I noticed there is an ardor subdir, is it in any way used with the Nxt Clone generator?

-Take your advice and try and change the instances in the files themselves rather than doing global operations through terminal and having no effect other than preventing ./ from working, can't find my hex.HEX main class (from nxt.NXT - as an example).

Another question in relation to this is , say I changed the names and instances of names correctly, and THEN run (I am assuming this is logically correct?)

that I can then do "npm run nxt" to generate the genesis block. However this will download the NXT blockchain? However recall in my copy of the clone, I have theoretically now changed the name of my currency and the prefix of the wallet address, say HEX instead of NXT....
with what blockchain will this be syncing with? I am not clear on this aspect... Sorry for the questions, but I hope I can be able to use your software / understand it properly.

So, my questions wrapped into one:
If I finish renaming and then compile successfully, and sh ./ I may see the right extensions I want to see in the interface, but how will this bind with the NXT blockchain and getting that first genesis block when doing "npm run nxt" - I am assuming that I also only do "npm run nxt" once for the genesis block, after which would be ok as a daemon?

Your approach of doing a massive search and replace on the source code is really wrong. If you want to change the source code and really understand what's happening you would need, at least, a good understanding of the Java language. Probably also JavaScript, HTML, CSS if you want to change the UI. If you don't have those I strongly suggest you find someone who does.

Even if you manage to do some kind of search and replace and the project compiles that's not a guarantee there's nothing broken.

I will definitely take your advice and look in all the files individually, I realised my approach was wrong. I'm quite familiar with CSS and HTML and I do understand computer logic to an extent although have no syntactical knowledge. I mean, I didn't study computer science. but its still an interesting exercise to attempt to do. WAS... is / was, not sure now...

To clarify my identity my father lectured computer science for 40 years but never really spoke to me about it or anything, but I am interested in it. We don't get along, ahah. But I was always interested but guess he hated me along with my mother. you know he has some type of Terminator 2 complex. But, I hope I can get it to run at least according to my renaming specifications, it will just be a little bit of vindication at least for me that I am not totally incompetent. I did do a SoloLearn python course from Google Play but know how ignorant I am. But interesting for sure.

You say even if I do a search and replace and compile, you say nothing may be broken. But you really didn't answer my other questions about syncing to the NXT blockchain.

Because unless it requires external dependencies away from all the install files in their entirety, it shouldn't be a problem in my estimation, if all the naming instances are "insular" insomuch as the global renaming, haha, does not have some external sources with similar names which during compile downloads extra resources. Which is curious, does the compile process have any external sources beyond the local files? Could I compile without an internet connection?
Interesting to see, a bit tired and beaten now.

We are not providing detailed support about how to clone or modify our software. We would be happy to help create your own coin on top of the existing Ardor / Ignis blockchain.