Extension of voting end date to more than 14 days

Is there a chance in the future to extend the 14 days max length for a voting session to something like 4 weeks?
I'm just thinking that if SmartVoting or some other voting platform needs to print, distribute, etc there might be a need for a longer time than 2 weeks.

We are going to review all such time limits based on number of days or number of blocks at some point, but most likely this will be together with shortening the block times, and then this is probably going to happen when 3.0 goes mainnet. The one in most need of increasing is the lease period, but yes, voting duration is also a candidate for an increase.


I like to read that! :slight_smile:

So are you saying for Ardor 3.0 on mainnet block times will be shortened AND time/block limits for at least a few things like leasing will be extended?

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Possibly, but can't promise for sure.