Easiest way to prioritize a bundleTransactions API bundle

With more transactions on Ignis, I am noticing transactions I make with the bundleTransactions API call have to sometimes wait in a queue to hopefully make it into an Ardor block before expiring. What is the easiest way to increase the fee to typically pay more then normal bundlers?
The API call is always just trying to bundle one 0fee message transaction on IGNIS. It seems I could just increase feeNQT to something like 2000000 instead of what seems to be the default of 1000000. Would it be better to use feeRateNQTPerFXT somehow? I have never used that parameter in an API call.

Talking with tre on slack it would seem the best solution is to try and get these transactions bundled in a regular bundler, but for right now I'm just looking for the easiest/quickest solution to better the user experience now.


You are in the right path: you just need to increase feeNQT.

The easiest way will probably be this:

  1. Send the bundleTransactions with broadcast=false, notice the minimumFeeFQT field.

  2. Apply your overpay by increasing a fixed amount or multiplying by a factor.

  3. Send the bundleTransactions with the computed feeFQT.

Keep in mind you will need to win other child chain blocks in an absolute comparison, not relative. If the competing child chain block bundles, let's say, 42 transactions, even at minimum fee, it will take a lot of overpay for you to send a single bundled transaction worth more than the other 42 child transactions.

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