Difference between getExpectedTransactions / getUnconfirmedTransactions

I think both are same.

When I use this api, return same json return.

You can find the description of each API in ardordocs. E.g. Get Expected Transactions

The difference is that getExpectedTransactions also returns the phased transactions which are about to finish in next block. If there are no such transactions it is correct both APIs to return same result.

Thanks for answer the question.
I have new question about bundle. According to docs, getExpectedTransactions returns both bundled and non-bundled transactions since version 2.3.0e.
I thought transactions can't be confirmed without bundling. getExpectedTransactions returns unconfirmed transactions, so i thought all of them should be non-bundled.

I mean, unconfirmed transactions can be bundled? Even if they are not included on blocks?

yes, there may be a still unconfirmed ChildBlock transaction which includes them

So, bundled is already executed and waiting for confirmation?


Thank you :slight_smile: