Creation of Genesis account


I want to understand that if I enter 90000000000000000, only 900000000 are distributed. Please advise.

Thank you.

for nxt clones (and I believe for ardor child chains) there will be a 10% distribution to nxt holders at the snapshot (I assume the date can be changed from the snapshot for ardor as this would encourage people to hold now). So when you create the genesis block 10% is automatically distributed and accounts set up with same passcode as nxt for existing nxt users at snapshot. This is as per the license agreement. So you would still retain 90% of total tokens

I understand that. I create 1 billion, 90% which is 900000000 is distributed to me and remaining to nxt holders. But my question is, when I enter 90000000000000000 in newGenesisAccounts.json, the distribution happens for 900000000. Why is this so?

You must have 8 decimal places for the coin you have created (this can be changed before creation)
so you would have when creating 1 billion coins
90,000,000,000,000,000 cloneoshis (or whatever 0.00000001 of your coin is called) for your 900,000,000 clone coins created and since the cloneoshi is the base that is what is stated. If you had one decimal place the number would be 9,000,000,000.

change the numbers in the example as one decimal place wrong

This makes sense. Thank you for replying.