created new ardor acount ignis transaction went missing

I had first deposited ignis , never deposited ardor yet, the transaction flashed in the wallet as unconfirmed, now i do not even see any confirmations its not there, i sent 24 ardor later on and thats there, but my ignis are nowhere to be found , i have the hash from exchange and and adress, the ardor arrived from a different exchange , the other exchange the ignis transaction didnt work said ignis invalid wallet but let me send the ardor

hash :


The hash is invalid. The transaction may have been cancelled because of a temporary fork, in which case your Ignis were returned to the original address.

Can you see any transaction/withdrawal history on the exchange you used, where it shows confirmation of the Ignis transaction? If yes, could you please share a screenshot?


heres some of a screenshot, i could take a photo too, the funds haven't come, and aren't showing on the exchange nor in the wallet , what should i do?

|022106210910507432924|LTC|0.47281000|0.01000000|2021-06-20 17:10:50|Completed|Address / Txid||
|022106210854086431423|IGNIS|7000.53000000|50.00000000|2021-06-20 16:54:08|Completed|Address / Txid||
|022106210833157582887|IGNIS|423.00000000|50.00000000|2021-06-20 16:33:15|Completed|Address / Txid||
|022106131426368805471|IGNIS|100.00000000|50.00000000|2021-06-12 22:26:36|Cancelled|Address / Txid||

heres another hash for the 400 and some ignis that never arrived earlier with the previous hash i sent

here's a photo, its the TOKOK exchange ill atach here

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What happens when you click on the Txid link? Does it open the page? What do you see there?

I can't find any of your IGNIS transactions on the blockchain.

I'm afraid the problem is on TOKOK side and you'll need to get in touch with their support.
They will be able to see that your transactions can't be found, even if they are marked as "Completed" on your account.

Contact them as soon as you can by sending an email to

Let us know what happens, thanks.

I understand but the transactions did show as unconfirmed in my wallet for several minutes, i saw the plus green number it said unconfirmed, then the transaction disappeared completely, they are not gonna be able to help, those Ignis are probably gone,

Gone where? :slight_smile:

Jokes aside, we are now investigating other reports of transactions that happened on a fork.

May I know your Ignis address on the TOKOK exchange?


If the transaction fails, the ignis remains in the exchange. Please contact their support about this

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