conneting wallet?

something weird guys wallet is not getting online with network,before it went ok no few days ???? deleted then now syncing it again the full node mobile android client

very od you know wifi @ home is great🤔

Hi, we know about the problem. It will be fixed in next release

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thats great to hear that the know about it and going to fix the issue asap

As a workaround, you can set nxt.forceAPIProxyServerURL to (or some other open API node)

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aha good stuff petko thanks u so much
going to do it asap,after team has solved issue must i set back again the settings or its done automatic by chain ,how do i know its fixed the issue👍

The configuration will not be reset automatically - you need to reset it yourself.

When you set forceAPIProxyServerURL you may still get that error but you will be able to login and use the wallet

thanks thank mate,
or i do nothing hopium on fast team solution
after that just log inn and go @ this moment dont have to move my coinz or so
but anyway hopefully ardor team is working on it🤠

wow today in guys wallet working great after new install and sync from 2017 to date yeeah i know light client is kind of easier to use/sync but my love for full node clients is a bit strong​:heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: