coal coin???

hey guys just a very small question,i hold nxt&ignis a very long time somewhere i have read that holders will get coal for holding ignis at snapshot but when i look in to both wallets i dont see coal ???? how i get some ??? i like free coins😁
thanks cheers

I'm not sure about coal, but if you hold nxt and ignis sounds like you are using the nxt client. If you have Ignis you should have Ardor.

Try downloading the ardor client from jelurida and use the same secret phrase (password) you use to log in to your nxt account. You should have Ardor on your dashboard. Change childchains to Ignis and you will see Ignis coins and maybe some other airdropped coins.

Hope this helps

thanks mate for reply,but i have both clients nodes nxt and ardor(ignis) the tab in ardor show the childchains like ignis,gps,bitswift,max,but no coal in the childchain section???

Hi paaki,

Coalculus launched its own blockchain as a clone of the Ardor blockchain, so you won't find it on the child-chain list.

The snapshot was taken on the 9th of December, 2019. If you had IGNIS in your wallet at that time, you received COAL tokens in the ratio of 1:1 based on the amount of IGNIS you had.

To access your COAL tokens, you can download the official desktop wallet here:

Or mobile wallet here:

and log-in with the same passphrase as your Ardor account.

Right now there's a Flash Staking Program going on until January 19th, 2022. You can get monthly rewards by staking your COAL.

wow thats great info rafael thanks man very kind of you​:+1::+1::+1::+1:

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