Clone Nxt problem

It's been a while since I opened my nxt clone and I get a strange result.
I can't remember what the problem is anymore.
Database reset
Deleted temporary files
Can someone help me?

hi how do you run, are you in Linux? Are dependencies installed? do you have /nxt_db directory with database? Are you sure you have the correct html folder in your nxt directory? It could be so many things, so I am curious about the context.

I'm in windows.
I'm having problems with the desktop wallet, but everything works fine with the browser wallet.
I downloaded nxt-eva and clean nxt clone, i get the same problem.

hi, what is nxt-eva? I have never heard of it

This is a trial version that doesn't need to connect seriously.
It will automatically create 10 accounts to test apps on this technology.
The Nxt password account will be able to give out up to approximately 92,000,000,000.
In truth, Clone-Nxt can also do it, but all the fees will have to be recalculated.

Nice. I wonder if it is robust enough to be used as a fully independent blockchain

Yes the peers are disabled but they can be re-enabled to use it fully.