can Jelurida create a super-Cthulu AI to test-hack NXT?

just curious if you can create a monster AI to test your blockchain's attack surface?
It would be interesting as a preemptative aproach to security to create some type of Linux-God AI and Jelurida God AI combo that can try and wiggle into your blockchains?
And then let it reveal the exploits to you and then you write new defenses for those?

I wanted to mention it should be possible to create one's own seed phrases, but one can't - where in the code can one do that? I don't know.

But I once tested one of my passwords, for example PetrusHasie&575@@@@@@@&&&
And that passsword or its similar would tke 200 trillion years to crack accordingto calculations...

I'm just curious about how strong 12 word pass phrases really are considering they are not gibberish but come from a dictionary?

Ardor has inherited the security of Nxt blockchain that has been in production since 2013 so this has already exposed the possible attack surface.+
The most important thing to keep in mind for securing your tokens is doing an send transaction from all your accounts so it's public-key is validated in the blockchain.