can I just use echo >> to override older statements?

I'm curious if its possible to just use echo commands to append new specifications (is that the right word) in which override previous commands?

I know this is the case in CSS but would have to test for .properties. I'm assuming it is the case or this dockerfile (which I did not write) would not work, so I suppose it does do that, similar to CSS.

In theory the behavior is undefined, in practice the value which appears later in the file will most probably override the previous entry. See e.g. What happens when there are duplicate keys in Java properties file? - Stack Overflow

I just tried to take a snapshot, and I had 2 nxt.AdminPassword settings,
the first was

and, I had added

at the bottom of the file. However when trying to use the password in the API, it gave me this error message:

{"errorDescription":"Administrator's password is not configured. Please set nxt.adminPassword","errorCode":8}

So it appears maybe this does not work, that the new entry does not override the previous. I'm assuming it would happen for other entries, but I would rather just # previous entries rather.

Maybe check your letters capitalization - nxt.adminPassword should be with lowercase "a".

Anyways, commenting the previous entries is a good idea