Blockchain download too sloow

I update my NXT desktop wallet but Blockchain download too slow. So I download blockchain database from Nxt Downloads | Jelurida, but I can't see NXT-db old folder in my NXT desktop wallet. What should I do in the next step?

Are you using windows/mac/linux

For windows the db file is in your appdata file
Open your file explorer and write %appdata% then press enter
you will be in the roaming folder (otherwise click roaming)
then click nxt (ardor for ardor client)
you should see the nxt_db file look at the size. If it is smaller than the downloaded db file then rename to nxt_db_old or delete it. Add downloaded file. You will need to rename it to nxt_db if not already called that. Start your nxt client.

Good luck, hope this helps

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Thank you so much. I got it