Basic questions about Ardor wallet and Private key

Hello, I'm struggling a lot with my ardor wallet I opened after to years because of wanting to link it to another account for receiving an airdrop.

First of all I try to find out what my balances are of Ignis, Ardor and it seems like there are also other assets I own like GPS and Volpcoin. But I just can't figure out if those assets are mine.

When I open the wallet for the first time I see my own public key, but it looks like there is no Ignis of Ardor balance. But when I click in my dashboard on another account it switches to for example an ' bittrex' account and in the left corner ' your account'. changes to that public key account. And if I go to ' my assets' I see assets that looks like mine, am I right?

I'm sorry but I can't figure it out, maybe somebody can help out a bit?

I can't try out sending assets to another wallet because for now I can't find my passphrase I got like 2 years ago. But I really thought I saw my private phassprase last year when I logged in to the wallet, is that possible? I understand that I need that one for whitdrawl any assets. But first of all I really like to find out how many of the assets I own(or don't wanna know when I can't find my private key back)!!

What wallet are you using?

If you have your Ardor address (in the form ARDOR-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXX) then you can just check that account balances on any public node like using the fourth tab (Account). Make sure then you have the proper Ardor and Ignis balances. For assets you are in the right path using the My Assets option under Assets.

The official wallet doesn't show you the passphrase at any moment. You should have that securely stored or memorized. If you lost that your funds are probably lost.

Hi Sergi, thanks for your reply. If I do what you say I see no balance for Ignis or Ardor on my address. Can't it be that I have more ardor accounts? I the transactions overview in the dashboard I can click on other accounts and I see this for example. I can switch to this account for example. But is does not mean that's my account perse?

Thanks for your help.

That just means your account transacted with Bittrex but of course those are not your accounts.

Thanks, I understand. But it is so strange that everything is empty on my own account. There is even no data available when I select trade or transfer history. I know for sure that I made transaction 2 years ago. Can there be another reason that I don't see any history data?

Did you try "My Transactions" from the sidebar, under the "Dashboard" section?

Hi, yes I tried that. The whole blockchain isn't loaded yet, but I understood that won't be a problem, right?

It actually might be. Please wait until the blockchain fully synchronizes and then try again.

Hi I will try, but it looks it doesn't go forward at all, I get this message when I open the web wallet from my desktop wallet. Can you tell me what it means?

Your node hasn't been able to properly synchronize with the main network. You need to synchronize it again. First, stop your node. Then delete the database directory, which is the nxt_db directory on the user directory.

Now you have two options: restart the node and wait for it to synchronize again or bootstrap it with an up-to-date copy of the blockchain database.

Hi, well thanks a lot. If I do understand it right one possibility is that I download a copy of the blockchain and copy it to this folder? And I first need to delete the files in the folder.
And how can I first stop stop the node exactly?

Thanks a lot.

Hi Rickrind,

You can stop the node by clicking on the Ardor icon on top of the screen, and then select "shut down". This way it will stop the node.

Once done, download the blockchain database from the mainnet from this link:, unzip the file, delete the former ~/.ardor/nxt_db folder, and copy the extracted folder called nxt_db in the Ardor installation folder (you will find it in a different place depending on if you have a Mac, Windows, or other). As we see that you are using MacOS: On macOS (when using Ardor mainnet) your default user directory is ~/.ardor (the image with the logs you sent above is the ~/.ardor/logs folder

Finally, start the node.

Jelurida Support Team