asset ArdorBG (8277223814213278522)

After much discussion and experience in the Ardor platform, I made a decision. I am creating an asset ArdorBG (8277223814213278522) with the proceeds from it I will initially put liquidity on the pair Ardr/Ignis. A portion of the proceeds will be collected to put liquidity on another pair that will be voted on by the asset holders. Another part will serve to buy back the asset ArdorBG (8277223814213278522) so that the holders can generate income from the holders. Note that the asset has a trading fee: 0.1% percent of the trade. These funds will be pooled and will serve to fuel new developments on the platform. I still don't know if it will have the effect I want, but I have to try. If it doesn't work out and I don't make some grand mistake I will buy the asset back from the holders.

The address I will operate with is ARDOR-YHJE-V87J-ZAHF-G7S8S in it before the release of the ArdorBG asset sale (8277223814213278522) it has 2,043 $ARDR and 192,262 $IGNIS

To begin with, 10% of the profits in $Ignis will be used to buy back the asset ArdorBG (8277223814213278522), the remaining 90% of $Ignis and respectively 100% of $Ardr will be collected and with them the power of the grid will be increased.

The first 100K shares of asset ArdorBG (8277223814213278522) were sold. With the amount received, I increased the grid. I hope there will be volume soon and we can start earning from the grid. For all holders of the first 100K of ArdorBG asset (8277223814213278522) if they decide they don't want to hold the asset they can contact me and I will do my best to buy the asset back as soon as possible. However, the funds are yours and I don't want to drag anyone. Thank you!

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In relation to asset ArdorBG (8277223814213278522). The grid isn't fully built, I'm overinsured on Ardr and there's no way he's going to get out of the grid, that means if the Ardr/Ignis price starts to rise above 1/20 that would be the good option. But I don't have enough Ignis right now to finish the grid, right now that's not a problem, if the price of ardr/Ignis starts to drop I'll need more Ignis. I hope this option doesn't work out, because it's the worst. First I won't have Ignis to buy back the first 100K shares from holders and second we will go off the grid and not generate Ignis. This grid is mathematical and the numbers are calculated quite carefully .1.7M more Ignis will be needed to fully complete the grid so that the price can never come out of it, after that each additional Ignis will serve to increase the power of the grid. This would generate better income and the holders of the asset could sell it at a good price.
As I mentioned, the holders of the asset will have the opportunity to participate in a vote to distribute the value of the pool, but this would happen quite far in time, because a of funds need to be accumulated in the pool first.
For now you shouldn't have any worries because the price is within limits, let's just hope there is a better volume so we can generate more Ignis.

Holders of asset #ArdorBG (8277223814213278522) can sell their shares at a price of 1.02 per share. This asset will not exist and will not be used. Right from the beginning I made a few mistakes that I hope lead to the creation of a better asset.
I am currently discussing several legal and technical issues and hope to have the green light to create the new asset. I hope to have positive information soon and you will be notified. Thanks to the three holders who supported me!