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Hey all - I bought ARDR several years ago and honestly forgot about it once the early 2018 crash happened. The reinvigoration of cryptocurrency had me checking my ARDR wallet again and I was delighted to see a significant value increase!

I want to sell some (or all) and in digging around, it seems like the only way to do this is to:

  1. Send the ARDR to Changelly
  2. Changelly converts the ARDR into another cryptocurrency (Bitcoin for example)
  3. Changelly sends the (now Bitcoin) to my Coinbase account
  4. Convert Bitcoin in to USD from Coinbase to my bank account

A few extra steps, but fair enough. However, when I logged on to do this, it said I needed to update the Blockchain in order to send the ARDR to Changelly. Its been 2 days and it still says "Downloading Blockchain" in the bottom right hand corner of my screen. I can see that I have 2 connected peers and I am uploading and downloading at 7 KB. Am I doing something wrong or does this just take a while?

Any insight as to how to make the Blockchain download faster (or if I am even doing it right) or how to convert ARDR in to Fiat Current (in a different way than I mention above) would be great!

Thank you!!

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If you are using the same wallet as in 2018 then that's the reason it's not downloading, there has been changes that require newer versions. I suggest you download the latest version from Ardor Downloads | Jelurida

You can check here some exchanges supporting Ardor or Ignis: Ardor Explorers and Exchanges | Jelurida

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Yup, that worked immediately. Thanks Sergi!

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