ARDOR Wallet

I'm looking to withdraw my IGNIS coin out of my ARDOR wallet Ardor Wallet

I am getting a error says no API.

Can someone please help me

If you are using jelurida wallet there should be no problems.
For me it works.

Hi lollolc,

I was using this wallet below keeps giving me the API error. Is there a different link I should try? Thanks for your help very new to this ARDOR wallet

I repeat to me does not give any error.
Try to describe your steps, perhaps an image or link for an image.

Now I'm trying to imagine what could be causing your problem:
Where are your Ignis stored? Am I in a hardware wallet? Or are they in a wallet on some centralized exchange? If so, you must first withdraw them from there and transfer them to a wallet where only you have full control over them.
If you do not want to use a hardware wallet you can do it with the jelurida wallet which maintains full control for the user.

Ok, I see a wallet from here the keys seem to be in possession of Bittrex, so you cannot freely dispose of your Ignis.
You should log into Bittrex to request a withdrawal of your Ignis in another wallet address from here only you have the access keys.

I have contacted Bittrex, I appreciate your help man your very knowledgeable and helpful. I forgot about this wallet, it's a few years old as you can see. I noticed IGNIS was trading a lot higher when it rolled out do you still hold this project as a long term play? I hate to sell it at the bottom unless you may feel different?

Nxt Ardor Ignis could have performed better.

The online wallet at is a READ-ONLY wallet.

It means that you can see your account balance, but you can't make ANY transactions.
You can't use it to withdraw your IGNIS.

Please download the full Ardor wallet and install it on your PC, only then you'll be able to execute transactions.