Ardor v3.0.0e

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Release 3.0.0e

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This is an experimental release for testing only. Source code is not provided.

Change log:

This is the first release of the Ardor pruning and snapshotting feature. It is
experimental and for testnet use only. A new testnet has been created, starting
from a snapshot of the current testnet as of Dec 8, 2020. Users having testnet
balances as of the snapshot height, block 6248612, should have the same initial
balances on this new testnet. The 3.0.0e release cannot be used with the
current 2.3.3 mainnet or testnet however.

To enable pruning of child chain transactions, the nxt.pruneChildChains=true
property must be set (default is false). If this is enabled, child chain
transactions are not processed during blockchain download and are pruned from
storage during normal operation. During download, only the parent Ardor chain
is processed; when the download is finished, the blockchain state (consisting
of child chain balances, asset holdings, aliases, etc - everything an account
owns) is loaded from a state snapshot, downloaded from the network and
confirmed by at least 720 blocks or as set in nxt.stateSnapshotConfirmations.

The peer networking port for the 3.0 testnet is 16874 and the API port is
16876 (SSL port 16877, if enabled). The different ports allow this version to
be run in parallel with 2.3.3 mainnet or testnet instances.

Block times have been set to 30 s for this testnet.

Users familiar with running Ardor nodes are invited to join the 3.0 testnet by
installing this release and report any issues in our support forum,

Apart from the major new pruning and snapshotting feature, there should be no
difference in functionality compared to 2.3.3.




A few questions if someone could help or point me in the right direction.

When did the block time change from 1min to 30 sec? I did see someone asking about testing nxt at 10sec. What type of issues would something like that create for Ardor or nxt? How viable is it to push block times towards 1 sec for either? What issues would that create?

Another question, when did the confirmation change to 720 blocks from 1440? Why is 720 enough now? Is there somewhere I can find this info, or possibly an answer.

A further note would be can NFT storage or something be a part of future releases. I know NFT are easy to create, but a specialised NFT folder would be good considering recent appeal. Not sure the best set up for it but i'm sure would make for good pr.

Thank you very much for your time in answering these questions. A long time member of nxt and Ardor.

720+ (seems weird +1440 :))

Block times are 60 seconds for mainnet, 10 seconds for the regular testnet and 30 seconds for this new testnet (3.0.0 with pruning).

About the 720 blocks it's been like that for quite some time. You will probably find the details in the changelog.

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Thanks for your response. Have had a look will keep looking. I assume it was at the nxt>>ardor change.

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