Hi there,

I would like to send my ARDR out of its native wallet - but in unable to update the blockchain , so my ARDR seems to be locked there.

Im unable to connect to the blockchain for it to update - please advise what needs to be done so i can move my ARDR coins?


If I understand correctly and your goal is only to move Ardor coins you could link here:
Log in with your data

Hi , Yes - im in here by entering my passphrase , but cant find where to send ARDR? thanks for any further help

there is no button to 'Send ARDR'

Found 'send Ardr' section but when entering all details it now says API disabled - any idea where to go from here? thanks

Im now trying to reinstall ardor-installer but keep saying wont install as file damaged...

Have you entered the right parent chain?

Do you have to send Ardor from your "address" to another "address"? In this case, try to access the link I have already given you. You can do it from there without having a hardware wallet.

If your problem is the hardware wallet? Save your login details.
I would do like this:
Ardor installer may be corrupted, try downloading it again.
Uninstall your wallet, delete every file, reinstall it. is a read-only wallet, you won't be able to submit any transaction from there.

To operate on the mainnet it's recommended to use your own node. If you node doesn't update make sure you are using the latest version downloaded from You can start from an empty database (deleting the db_prod directory) or download a current database from the website (Ardor Downloads | Jelurida).

If you still have problems after following these steps please share your log file from the server.

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