Ardor Projects’ Events Calendar, Jun 3rd week

This Calendar will be updated on every Thursday.
All informations below are aggregated from Ardor community. If you have something to update, please send message to @Ardorbaby on Telegram.

What happened last week

■ (Jun 6th) Mythical Beings : IMPORTANT NOTICE TO ALL TSHARES HOLDERS — Please check private #tarasca-dao on Slack
■ (Jun 6th) Bridge Champ development status was updated on community Slack
■ (Jun 7th) Jelurida joined the BE-READI CIRCLE event at Lugano
■ (Jun 7th) Lior’s comment on Cointelegraph — how to avoid scammy, high APY projects
■ (Jun 9th) Adedayo(Managing director of Jelurida Africa) was one of the speakers at public seminar of Dr. Gurvy Kavel
■ (Jun 9th) Mythical Beings, Season 03 was ended
■ (Jun 9th) Jelurida(Anna Rosebrook) joined a conference in Bali about DAO & the new trends in corporate governance
■ (Jun 11th) NFTMagic and Sigbro on academic paper : Two Novel Use-Cases for Non-Fungible Tokens!
■ (Jun 11th) Mythical Beings, Season 04 kicks off at 12:00 CET & new quests


■ (Jun 13th) Jelurida joined in the Metaforum organized by Finlantern and Cryptonomist in Lugano
■ (Jun 13~17th) Alberto and Francisco participated in the Crypto Plaza community week
■ (Jun 13th) Bridge Champ released new promotion video
■ (Jun 14th) Francisco(Sales engineer of Jelurida) attended the Blockchain and NFTs Series of DES Show
■ (Jun 15th) Senator, presented project at the Global Mobility Call at IFEMA
■ (Jun 15th) Bridge Champ updated website with a refreshed UI
■ (Jun 17th) Bridge Champ, progress was covered by crypto media(Crypto-news-flash)

■ (Jun 28~30th) Managing Director of Jelurida Africa will be a speaker at 10th Digital Africa Conference & Exhibition

■ (Jun) Bridge Champ : Tournaments closed beta, Bridge Champ token payments and rewards for tournaments

■ (Q2) Mythical Beings will start first merchandises for Metaverse, based on Mythical Beings cards

■ (TBD) Mythical Beings NFT collection will be at Kally(on Polkadot)’s marketplace!
■ (TBD) Mythical Beings will launch new layer 2 P2E game on mainnet
■ (TBD) Jelurida will release 2020 financial report
■ (TBD) Mythical Beings will launch redesigned wallet
■ (TBD) Mythical Beings will start booster pack sales on Polygon network partnering with a third party
■ (TBD) Coalculus(Partner) : Update on Enterprise chain eBmA
■ (TBD) QualiSig prototype launch on Mainnet(Project Backed by Austria government)


■ (Q3) Bridge Champ : Tournaments generally available, Bridge Champ scoring and rewards for tournaments, NFT registration for achievements
■ (Q3/Q4) Ardor 3.0 mainnet


■ (Q4) Mythical Beings will launch additional games for the Mythical Beings universe using NFT technology on multiple chains
■ (Q4) Bridge Champ : Closed beta for teaching module, Social networks integration, Advanced solutions for Bridge clubs, Explore additional casual gaming platforms

Available now

Coming soon

  • Geoblockchain : Esri Spain’s use case on Ardor. Esri is world №1 GIS software provider. Esri Spain is building tracking solution based on Ardor blockchain.
  • Bridge Champ : Jelurida’s first application to enter the casual gaming market for proof of concept as well as profit.
  • Hotcity(HotCity) : An Austrian project that would let citizens submit data about industrial waste heat spots for district heating, receiving tokens as reward.(Funded by Austrian Gov)
  • QualiSig : Austrian Gov’t Pilot Aims to Secure COVID-19 Communications With Blockchain Tech
  • Cycle4value( :Austrian project to encourage cycling as transportation
  • TreeCoin( : An STO project aiming to reforestation.
  • MyDigiCert(Jelurida Africa) : A platform allows issuers to store certificates on the blockchain
  • Block Homes(Jelurida Africa) : Real estate tokenization investment platform that allows numerous investors to afford a joint venture in real estate investment opportunities in return for a shared profits.
  • 234 MarketPlace(Jelurida Africa) : An African blockchain based e-commerce platform
  • BlockCabs(Jelurida Africa) : A platform that enables individuals to invest or co-invest in their very own ride
  • Xendbit( : A fully decentralised blockchain platform that allows users to trade safely and securely without risking customer funds.
  • : An Ignis-based digital assets NFT marketplace
  • Senator( : EU-funded Freight Logistics Project leaded by Accenture and Correos
  • More will soon get out of stealth mode.
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