Ardor Projects’ Events Calendar, Apr 1st week

This Calendar will be updated on every Thursday.
All informations below are aggregated from Ardor community. If you have something to update, please send message to @Ardorbaby on Telegram.

What happened last week

■ (Mar 22nd) 2021 Roadmap update
■ (Mar 22nd) Sneak view of upcoming : An Ignis-based digital assets NFT marketplace
■ (Mar 22nd) Triffic announced new feature using NFT on GPS child chain, which will be come with Triffic 2.0(Working mechanism)
■ (Mar 23rd) Max Property Group CEO’s interview with Brikkapp released
■ (Mar 25th) Jelurida announced launch roadmap of Bridge Champ
■ (Mar 25th) Coalculus(Partner) announced partnership with Caliber Technology to utilise blockchain as a document management tool
■ (Mar 25th) Alberto was interviewed by Negocios TV national channel about his recent article on “ Ardor blockchain & crypto-economy” published on the IEB Spain report
■ (Mar 26th) The article written by Alberto “The weight in gold of blockchain & the crypto-econony in 2021” has been published by Expansion
■ (Mar 26th) Bitswift launched
■ (Mar 27th) Jelurida Africa : Kenya Blockchain Meetup — Blockchain in Charity


■ (Mar 31st) Jelurida announced extension of Ardor&NXT Node reward program until 30th June 2021
■ (Mar 31st) Jelurida’s speaking session at the Case Study Conference for Java Developers by Geekle
■ (Mar 31st) Coalculus(Partner) shared detail information of new enterprise chain(eBmA) with roadmap
■ (Mar 31st) NFTMagic shared development progress on community Slack


■ (April 2nd) Tarasca announced new mechanism to control supply of creatures of Mythical Beings
■ (April 2nd) Bitswift, shared information of Canadian dollar pegged token launched on BITS child chain
■ (April 3rd) Jelurida Africa : Online Meetup — Blockchain in Fintech
■ (April 4th) Tarasca, Final public test of Mythical Beings with new Smart Contract improvements and stresstest.

■ (Mid of April) Triffic, App version 2.0 with in-app subscriptions launch


■ (May 1st) Tarasca, Mythical Beings official launch with season1
■ (May 5th) launches NFT Explorer start version
■ (June 28th) E-ABDC hosted by Jelurida Africa starts(For 3month)

■ (2Q) Tarasca, launches crowdfunding for boardgame
■ (2Q) update : Cabinet, Community Telegram support program
■ (End of Q2) Max Crowdfund launch in New Zealand, Australia, Sweden, and the UK

■ (TBD) Triffic, GPS Token network community launch
■ (TBD) MPG distribute the MCF token(Controlled asset, not tradable now), which will replace the MPG tokens to off platform users
■ (TBD) MPG, creating the MCF token as a transferable and tradeable token


■ (3Q) Triffic, Triffic Miles -> GPS Token cash out implementation
■ (3Q) Triffic, GPS Pay Wallet launch
■ (3Q) Triffic, Geo-marketing platform launch for partnerships
■ (3Q) Tarasca, Start of Season 2 with new additional cards and game features.
■ (3Q) update : Graphic Gallery for Ardor/Nxt memes, Graphic Gallery for Ardor/Nxt memes, Cabinet
■ (3Q) Bridge Champ, beta launch


■ (4Q) MPG, Obtaining the EU crowdfunding license to open up the platform for all EU citizens to invest in European real estate backed investment opportunities
■ (4Q) Triffic, NFT feature alive
■ (4Q) Bridge Champ, official launch

/TBD in 2021/

■ (TBD) Ardor Roadmap update
■ (TBD) Sigbro App update : Simple NFT explorer, UI update, iOS version
■ (TBD) New dApp(Bogoshipo) announce / launch
■ (TBD) MPT permissioned child chain alive
■ (TBD) QualiSig prototype launch on Mainnet(Project Backed by Austria government)
■ (TBD) Cycle4Value development(Funded by Austria government)
■ (TBD) NFTMagic’s launch on mainnet

Available now

Coming soon

  • Geoblockchain : Esri Spain’s use case on Ardor. Esri is world №1 GIS software provider. Esri Spain is building tracking solution based on Ardor blockchain.
  • Bridge Champ : Jelurida’s first application to enter the casual gaming market for proof of concept as well as profit.
  • Hotcity(HotCity) : An Austrian project that would let citizens submit data about industrial waste heat spots for district heating, receiving tokens as reward.(Funded by Austrian Gov)
  • QualiSig : Austrian Gov’t Pilot Aims to Secure COVID-19 Communications With Blockchain Tech
  • Cycle4value( :Austrian project to encourage cycling as transportation
  • TreeCoin( : An STO project aiming to reforestation.
  • Bogoshipo(Twitter @Bogoshipo_Pets) : A pet game on Ignis child chain
  • Xendbit( : A fully decentralised blockchain platform that allows users to trade safely and securely without risking customer funds.
  • : An Ignis-based digital assets NFT marketplace

+More will soon get out of stealth mode.

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