Ardor on MacOS: Installing and Blockchain Databse

Hello, I have some issues with the installation process of the Ardor client for Mac, maybe someone has a tip:

The DMG file contains a file named ardor-installer. Yet the background of the DMG file shows a large error directing the user to copy the installer into the operating system’s Applications folder.

Normally you either download an installer and it installs the file for you in the Applications folder or you get the application file itself and place it into the Applications folder.
This is the first time I'm being asked to put an installer file into the Applications folder, which makes little sense.


Starting the installer only causes this error message:

“ardor-installer” cannot be opened because the developer cannot be verified
macOS cannot verify that this app is free from malware.

I had an older version of the Ardor client that tried to download the blockchain but it never worked. I tried to download and replace the database manually, but there was no folder by the name nxt_db so I decided to download a later version of the client.

While I can not install the new client yet, I would still like to know where the downloaded Blockchain database should be placed precisely on MacOS. The instruction file nxt_db.txt says:

Ardor nxt_db backup generated at Thu Mar 18 03:53:34 UTC 2021
Place the nxt_db folder inside your Ardor user directory, replacing the
existing nxt_db folder if needed.

Where is the Ardor user directory?

Thank you very much for your patience.

Indeed the Ardor app does not satisfy all the recent requirements of Apple Gatekeeper and therefore you need to install it like an unsigned application.
Try some of the solutions presented here,with%20a%20valid%20developer%20signature.

If it is not obvious let us know and we'll provide a documented procedure for this installation.

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Thank you very much, that worked. Now I still need to find the correct folder to put the downloaded Blockchain folder nxt_db. Where is this "Ardor user directory"?

Hi Rob, the directory where you put the downloaded blockchain is hidden by default. You can show it by following one of these easy procedures How to Show Hidden Files and Folders on a Mac: 11 Steps

Then you'll find the directory here:
Macintosh HD> Users> YourUser> .ardor

Hope it helps!

Thank you! Might be useful to add this to the instructions.

Most users won’t know…

  1. That they should ignore the wrong instruction to drop the installer into the Applications folder via the outadted and now useless Alias

  2. That one cannot simply double click the installer but has to use the right click menu.

  3. That the downloaded Blockchain database goes into the hidden folder with this path:
    Macintosh HD> Users> YourUser> .ardor

It also took me quite some time to realize my NXT seed was the Ardor passphrase needed to send ARDR. While searching, I found others asking similar questions on reddit. A lot of imporvements since last time I used the wallet in 2018 but just as confusing.

I have about 50 different crypto currencies and none concused me as much as Ardor in terms of normal use (receiving, sending, storing in wallet, installing wallet).

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Hi everybody. I have the ARDOR APP run on my account and my ARDOR is shown, but I am told I need to connect to the blockchain to see the balance as "effective" balance". When trying to set up the user account name, the system tells me "API diabled". I enabled all Plug ins and still cannot set my username to make transaction. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @tpfennig,

You probably should start a new topic so stuff doesn't get confused as there are two separate issues.

Having said that are you using windows, mac, linux?

I am assuming you are using windows. Make sure you have the latest client as there was a hard fork so old clients won't work. It should be client version 2.3.3 which is available at Jelurida. If you scroll down you can see a link to download the blockchain database up to a point.
While the database is being downloaded, your balance can disappear, don't worry it is still there just wait until the download is complete.

Good luck, and start a new topic if you need further help

On another note @lior.yaffe I downloaded the database from Jelurida which is titled Ardor-nxt_db but the folder for windows in appdata-roaming is titled nxt_db
an easy fix for me but for user experience it is probably better without the need to make the simple edit. Only know about windows but from posts above sounds like same issue with Mac.

Thanks much, Timmy. I use MAC and have the latest ARDOR APP downloaded an in use. I am now downloading the bloackchain from the Jelurida webpage and hope the account connects. THANKS much for the prompt reply!

The database download link on the jelurida page is from quite a while ago. I did a new install for windows and it took about 30 mins to download everything using a 4mpbs internet connection. It did look like it froze up at one point so I shut it down and restarted but then looked at the nxt_db and it was downloading.

No idea for Mac as have never used nxt/ardor on Mac. Hopefully someone else can reply who uses Mac. They will probably ask you first to post your log file from when the error occurs

Thanks again. I fully downloaded the blockchain database ZIP file for MAC from the Jelurida page, but when trying to open it on my MAC, it says There is no application set to open the document “”. Therefore, the message "API is disabled" still shows up on the account.

"Thanks again. I fully downloaded the blockchain database ZIP file for MAC from the Jelurida page, but when trying to open it on my MAC, it says There is no application set to open the document “”. Therefore, the message "API is disabled" still shows up on the account." @tpfennig Edit* Added this above
I'm not sure you need to open it, just put it in the correct folder which is talked about by Rafael in previous replies above.

If it is Ardor, it should be pretty quick (30 min). The db is from a while ago so it is probably only half the db you need so would still need to download the other half.

The application to open it would be the ardor client, but again you do not open it yourself, it is used by ardor. If you did make a change to the db file, Ardor would reject it as it would not be confirmed by other nodes