Ardor node big memory usage

I run a node on Debian 11 and it uses 9 GB of RAM. That's quite a lot.
Can I lower that somehow?

Recent Java VMs on 64 bit hardware default to use a significant amount of the total memory available. A quarter of the total is not uncommon. You can control the amount allocated to your node by adding -Xmx2G to the java command line to limit that to 2 GB for example.

An easy way to do that is create a file on the installation directory, then add an environment variable ARDOR_JVM_OPTS with the desired flags. Following the example:


This file will be picked up when starting the node using, for example when running ./ --daemon.

Yes, that seems to work.
Is there some advantage to allocate more RAM?

For a normal usage not really.

What mean about normal usage?
If use ardor node as dapp server, it has advantage to allocate more RAM?

If you change some configuration or run specific contracts or add-ons you might benefit or even need more RAM.

For a regular, default installation, 2 GB is more than enough.

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