Ardor installer flagged by antivirus software

From time to time we are getting reports that this or that antivirus software has flagged our installer as risky, recent example Kaspersky has issue with Ardor full client. : Ardor (

Rest assured that as long as you download the official installer from there is no reason to worry. Our Windows installer is also digitally signed and timestamped using a certificate issued to Jelurida to make even more trustworthy.

We are not sure why our installer is flagged but we can think of several reasons related to the unique way we are packaging the installer. Since Ardor is developed in Java we are packaging a copy of an Open JDK runtime together with the Windows and Mac installers so that users don't have to install Java themselves in order to start the node. Then we want the installer itself to run as a Windows executable and not as a Java Jar file so we are packaging yet another JRE copy only for the purpose of running the installer.

The Ardor Java runtime on Windows is invoked using JavaExe (

The Ardor installer is packaged on Windows using IzPack - Package once. Deploy everywhere. which by itself uses a library of 7-Zip to package the Java jar into a self extracting executable.

Any one of these steps can be flagged as suspicious but evidently we are using this packaging process since 2015 without any security issues. We are not changing it and we think it is very unlikely that there something problematic with it.