Airdrop asset

Can i give away asset to ignis holders or ardor holders?
Or get list of account which is holding ignis or ardor?

Of course you can gift goods to Ardor / Ignis holders.
You should be able to get a list with bees, but I don't know how to do it.
Can anyone help this guy?

The Ardor community created an add-on to achieve this.
It was developed for another project built on the platform, but it can be used on another projects as well. And I think it could also be used to create an IGNIS balance snapshot to satisfy the Jelurida license for cloned platforms.

Anyway, check it out on Bitbucket: Bitbucket

Perhaps a similar add-on should be part of the standard API, or perhaps there is an alternative that I've overlooked, but maybe this add-on is exactly what you are looking for :wink: