After longtime not using Ardor/Ignis all balances = 0 ?!


I haven't used Ardor or Ignis for a very longtime. Today I wanted to check it out again. Now I'm seeing that all my account balances are 0. It looks like they never had any transaction. I've also checked on Did I miss something?

The NXT account still have the balances.

Write your address so I can see what happened.

Well, because I wanted to reply to you, I've double checked. My main (Ardor) account is fine. My problem was that I tried with "seed" instead of "passphrase". The list of words felt more like a seed on other blockchains. So far, I couldn't figure out, how to get back to the account holding Ignis.

This account one of the accounts that doesn't seems to work: ARDOR-BGYD-7BHL-QR6R-AN6GM although I have it in my password manager.

When I try it, I get this:
"Your passphrase is associated with an unregistered account ARDOR-BGYD-7BHL-QR6R-AN6GM. Make sure there is no typo in the passphrase. If you still like to use this passphrase create a new account and use the 'choose your own passphrase' link"

address ARDOR-BGYD-7BHL-QR6R-AN6GM does not exist, it seems you have never created an address with this phrase. I'm glad your primary address is all right!