adding a node with a dynamic IP address?

I mean, I know if the node changes its IP address, that maybe the blockchain will lose contact as it is sending out signals to the nxt.myAddress entry in the properties file.

Is there something in the blockchain to do some type of auto-live-editing of the file to rewrite the nxt.myAddress= (WhatScript?)
with some type of script (WhatScript?) IP address variable algorithm/whatever where it rechecks itself (the ip address, and if the IP address changes, this (WhatScript) rewrites and pushes the new IP address, instead of a "static" IP address number in properties file, which is actually a dynamic IP address?. So that someone with a dynamic IP address doesn't have to keep changing the file.

I mean sure you could get a static IP address for your home pc from your ISP but wouldn't it be possible to create a script/variable to replace a static ip address value in to recheck its own value and resend to the blockchain and rewrite the file (live, and not pre-edited before running

My problem is right now for some reason I cannot sync to the NXt blockchain, I have my new IP address, DefaultPeers / WellKnownPeers, my ufw ports are open...

I'm just curious if such an addition could add any qualitative value to the process. I mean that it has some type of push function rather than taking static data from the properties file?

There are no 1.12.3 peers in the NXT block explorer nxtportal | Nxt Blockchain Explorer... maybe that is my problem?
I believe it is because when running it says "Known Peers = 0"
Is there a list of 1.12.3 peers somewhere. I really would think that 1.12.2 peers are compatible with 1.12.3 I honestly wonder what I'm doing wrong.

I'm also curious if Jelurida will make available a block explorer for clones?

You don't need to define nxt.myAddress, when your node tries to connect to other peers they will automatically see from what address the request is coming from and try to use that. If it works, they will also share it with others. When it changes after some time, they will drop the old address that is no longer reachable, they will just treat the new address as a new peer.
Or you can setup a dynamic DNS address with some DDNS provider, use that DDNS name in nxt.myAddress, and rely on the scripts that this provider has for updating what IP it points to.

There is no incompatibility between 1.12.2 and 1.12.3, and Peer Explorer shows more than 800 1.12.3 peers and only 40 1.12.2, so something is wrong with nxtportal version detection.

hi thank you. I suppose I will just keep on tinkering until I find the problem.

Just randomly I will mention that I've had some major problems with firefox on linux even if I clear the cache there is something wrong with the RS-prefix in the browser gui. I'm not sure why it happens, I tried to figure out why but I don't have time for it... In Opera it was fine even without cleared cache.

I had recompiled after changing the RS prefix. So I wonder what is wrong with firefox, I suppose something wrong with the cache clearing.

I wonder how to deal with this nxtportal version detection, and why I am getting this problem. Obviously I am doing something wrong, and I'm quite curious to find out what. Of course, that curiosity can also be annoying, kind of like being bitten by a mosquito but you are not quite sure where.