About "bundleTransactions" API in Ardor 3.0.0e


In the introduction to Ardor 3.0.0e:
I see that there is some information about requirement for "Public key announcement in ChildBlock transaction". I am wondering how this affect the API "bundleTransactions".

Indeed, I have installed 3.0.0e and I have look at the API "bundleTransactions" in the "API console" and it look exactly the same as in 2.3.3. Is there any modification in the usage of the "bundleTransactions" API in 3.0.0e? Will there be a need to do manual "Public key announcement in ChildBlock transaction" when using the "bundleTransactions" API or this will be automatically done when the "transactionFullHash" is provided. If it is not done automatically, how will it be possible to add the requirement of "Public key announcement in ChildBlock transaction" with the "bundleTransactions" API?

I am looking for more information on this matter.

Thank you for your help.


No need to change anything if you are using the API. The bundler provided with the reference software will build the correct public key announcements automatically.