Wallet Seed Phrase as Login

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I wanted to inquire about the login mechanism for our Ardor wallets. One of the first things we're taught when entering the crypto space is to never put your seed phrase anywhere online. Essentially, write it down and if you ever need to recover you have access.

I'm wondering why the default mechanism for me to login to my Ardor wallet on the wallet website is by seed phrase? Isn't this extremely unsafe? Is there no other mechanism that I can authenticate without submitting a private key out to the internet?

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The Ardor wallet uses web-based UI which is accessed via a web browser, but this doesn't necessary mean that you are submitting your seed to the internet. If you are running the Ardor client on your device and you open the UI at http://localhost:27876/, your seed is not leaving your device.

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Ah! Okay, that's a very fair point. So is it advised then to never login to:

I can't rationalize how this web portal would be safe by entering our seed. Your explanation about the node makes complete sense though!

Yes it is advised to never login on ardor.jelurida.com with the secret of account which owns significant amounts. Use it at your own risk (as the yellow notice on the login page says).

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