REQ: Please port nxtforum users to talk.jelurida


First of all, I really love the windows exe. It makes it so simple for new users. Exactly what's needed, excellent job. Also excited about Ardor 3.0 too. That will definitely be game changer.

Anyway, I have been looking at the jelurida forum the past few weeks and was disappointed my nxtforum login would not work. I probably would have posted a week or two ago if I could have logged in with my old credentials. I've just finally created a new account with talk.jelurida.

Nxtforum was always a little intimidating to post, as everyone on there was super smart, but so informative and I would always spend hours reading.

Now with the jelurida forum it seems as those it's one or two people responding to posts, and the old community is quiet.

Is it possible to port the old users from nxtforum to the new forum. New users forced to changed if a dispute in a name arises, and an email if the email already registered with the option to change name if different. Also link to the archived forums on homepage of talk.jelurida and in search results if not already.

Additionally, every time I think about jelurida, I need to check spelling for the search as it is quite complicated to remember. I'm sure in another language it is probably easy, but I have found it difficult to remember.

Anyway I just feel as though barriers have been created, which would be best not to have.

Overall, I am amazed as i always have been with Ardor. Keep up the good work.

Thank you in advance for your comments on this matter.

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Another point, it would be good to have nxt/ardor/ignis/other child chains topics grouped on the landing page of talk.jelurida rather than everything jumbled together.

Just a thought.

Keep up the great work on Ardor +1440